The peaceful village of Gumusluk is one of the oldest settlements on the Bodrum peninsula. It stands on the site of the ancient Carian city of Myndos whose seafront sections slid into the sea in some long-forgotten earthquake.

Founded on the site of the ancient city of Myndos, this small coastal village has retained all of its original charm and tranquillity, keeping away from large-scale developments.

The sunsets in Gumusluk are renowned, as the sea first turns to a shimmering pale pink and then to silver. If you are lucky enough to be here at the time of a full moon, you wont be disappointed as the moon hangs suspended over the bay, giving the most wonderful romantic scene.

Gumusluk is the perfect antidote for modern-day living, it’s a great place to unwind in an idyllic setting.  The wonderful shelter of the bay provides a natural harbour for yachts and local fishing boats. Rabbit Island separates the two well-sheltered bays of Gumusluk and is accessible by a partially sunken causeway. The island is renowned for it’s excellent fresh fish in the waterfront restaurants and offers a magnificent panoramic view of the bay.